Download Zoo Tycoon 2 Best Collection For Free Right now & Create Your Animal Kingdom!

Zoo Tycoon 2 is another fun and thrilling game developed by Blue Fang Games together with MacSoft and Rapan. The particular game is available both for Window users and Mac OS. It was released back again in 2004 that was disperse from CD-ROM and DIGITAL VIDEO DISC. The gameplay is a single player mode whereas you have to establish and operate your very own zoo. The idea is to become the greatest business magnate in the zoo industry. The game is also currently available from Windows Mobile and PDA. All you have to is to download its full version together with its development set.

Freeform mode

Right now there are different gameplay you can choose from and one of the all-time favorite is the freeform game. It allows the player to establish and design the zoo of any kind you prefer. The particular only limit is the space and the pets. Since it the game mode itself is a freeform, because the zoo tycoon your capital or money supply is unlimited. Almost all the materials, foods, supplies and items are also available. The freeform setting will begin with an empty space that you need to add animal exhibits, visitor rooms, commodities, toilet and dining areas. Hire employees in order to maintain your facility and take good care of your animals.

African Experience

The African Adventure is another game expansion established for Zoo Tycoon second . It was release back in 2006 which features many different wild animals from Africa with an African jeep tour to get closer to wild animals such as lions, tigers and cheetahs. New maps are also available while your guests can travel from desert. It features new and challenging strategy.

Dino Danger Pack

This particular Zoo Tycoon version is a premium package that can be downloaded in charge of free. From the name itself, you are going to meet new kind of species which include triceratops, tyrannosaurus (T-Rex), and more.

Endangered species

The Tierpark Tycoon 2 endangered varieties version was release back in 2005. It is an expansion from the Zoo Tycoon 2 series which features more uncommon reptiles and species such Komodo dragon, orang-utan, and more. There are new types of transportation that your guests can also enjoy which are the jeep tour and sky tram.

All these game expansions and packages can be simply download as the Zoo Tycoon 2 ultimate collection. The package features four different variations and official game expansions. Just click here to get your Zoo Tycoon ultimate collection now.

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