Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha

Vedic scriptures state that Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of Ekadash Rudra (eleven forms of Lord Shiva).
The eleven forms of Lord Shiva are: Ahirbhutanya, Bhav, Bhim, Chand, Kapali, Pingal, Shasta, Shumbh, Virupaksh, Vilohit and Hanuman. Hanuman is the eleventh form of Lord Shiva. Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is regarded as very auspicious in religious rituals and is worn by sages and saints during their meditation. It is also a symbol of Lord Indra (The Lord of all gods) and has the combined powers of eleven gods stored within it.

Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is not ruled by any planet and it is believed that the eleven Rudras live in the eleven faces of the Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha. This Rudraksha grants a long, prosperous life to its wearer and also grants an individual’s wishes regarding children and loved ones.
The husband of the women who wear Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed with great luck and a long life. It is said that the wearer of an Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha gets the same merits as those obtained on sacrifice of a thousand horses or gift of a thousand cows.

Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha bead is also said to grant salvation as the wearer is not born again. Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Lord Hanuman and so the wearer is blessed with learning, virtues, cleverness, fearlessness, healthy life and wisdom. The Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha brings pleasure and happiness, courage and confidence to the wearer.
It brings wealth and prosperity to the family and should be kept in a safe place of worship or with jewelry. Ruled by: Lord Hanuman Ruling Planet: It is not ruled by any planet Mantra: Om Shree Rudray Namah Recommended: It is recommended for maintenance of neuropsychology of an individual.

Ritual before wearing: The Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha should be capped in either silver or gold, strung in a red thread. It should be touched to a Shivalinga and worn while chanting mantras. This Rudraksha should always be worn on top of the head for instant results.

Day to wear: Monday Rudraksha beads have amazing powers due to their bioelectrical & magnetic properties, empowering the bead to cure ailments related to stress like insomnia, alcoholism, depression, heart diseases, skin diseases etc. In modern age, 95% of the ailments are stress related, originating from the mind.

When there is stress, the blood circulation becomes non-ideal & stress signals are sent to the central nervous system resulting in an increased activity or abnormality of neurons and neuro transmitters. We feel uncomfortable or ill due to disruption of streamlined flow of electrical signals throughout the mind- body interface.

Rudraksha being dielectric in nature is capable of stabilizing & anchoring the flow of bioelectric current helpful in controlling hyperactivity, palpitations of heart & streamlining heartbeats caused due to stress. Rudraksha beads also acts as a resistance by controlling the flow of bioelectrical impulses to a specific or a particular brain chemical thereby effecting specific positive changes in personality depending upon the factor of resistance.

Different Rudraksha beads have definitive factors of resistance, acting in tandem with heartbeat, streamlining it and sending out bioelectrical impulses to stimulate a specific brain chemical thereby effecting positive changes in personality, feeling us better, more confidants, poised and more energetic.
Rudraksha beads also have permanent magnetic properties that help when there is any disruption of smooth blood circulation to & from heart to all parts of the body, by expanding & opening up the passage of arteries facilitating streamlined blood circulation & attracting the cells in the blood that are either positively or negatively charged.

Rudraksha beads have the property to change its polarity also known as dynamic polarity and it acquires temporary magnetic field in presence of an external magnetic field. Blood circulation and heart beat induces a magnetic field around the body particularly the heart region giving rise to biomagnetism depending on the polarity of the induced magnetic field.

Rudraksha bead acquires a polarity that is opposite to the inducing field resulting in opening up the passage of arteries better than that compared to a magnet which is extremely popular now days used for healing. Rudraksha beads have powerful anti ageing properties mainly due to dynamic polarity and can be termed to have some superior life or intelligence.

Rudraksha can be worn by all men, women & children, without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion as it is a gift of nature for the welfare of all human being. All Rudraksha beads are extremely holy, embodied with mystical powers & representations of different lords & in order to maintain their sanctity it should be treated with love, respect, faith & care.
A Rudraksha bead or a combination of Rudraksha beads should not be given or exchanged with anyone, should not be worn during funeral procession, visiting a cemetery, in cremation ground, while engaging in sex, eating non-vegetarian food, drinking alcohol, inside labor room & during menstrual cycle in women. Rudraksha bead should be hidden below the clothing as it is not an object of fashion to display to everyone.

In case of a mistake made while wearing, please remember not to repeat the same again. Above all, while not wearing Rudraksha, it should be kept safely in the pooja room. It is the first step towards gaining maximum benefits of Rudraksha. Before wearing it for the first time, the Rudraksha should be energized on an auspicious day by performing Rudrabhishek with help of a priest or by self in pooja room following simple rituals.
The Rudraksha should be placed on a fresh unused plate & washed with unboiled milk followed by water while chanting of mantra Om Namah Shivaya. Please offer flowers & prayers for well being followed by the Beej mantra for the Rudraksha chosen, minimum 9 times or in multiples of 9.

After completion, place the Rudraksha in right hand & thank the lord for giving the opportunity to wear a Rudraksha. The Rudraksha now becomes divine, offer prayers to Lord Sun, pray for well being & wear the Rudraksha chanting Om Namah Shivaya 9 times or in multiples of 9 followed by offering due donation to the priest.
A Rudraksha bead is very strong, if maintained properly it can be passed on from generation to generation. A Rudraksha bead contains natural oil, which on excessive drying reduces its life. A Rudraksha bead should be regularly cleaned, oiled with the help of a new brush, and then exposed to sunlight for drying & not to be worn during bath to avoid moisture as it attracts fungus.

It should never be thrown & when not in use, kept a safe & clean place.

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